Top 10 reputation management tools

Living in the digital era has its pros and cons. Life is got faster, it somehow got easier, you don’t have to buy a big newspaper to know what’s going on around you. you have a more convenient way; social media.

With the click of a button, you can go beyond your local news and surf worldwide. The same thing goes with businesses. People could see an advertisement in a local newspaper and have a little talk among themselves, and that was it! These days, positive or negative opinions go around the world without your control.

People can write down what they think about your business or product, no matter right or wrong. The big deal is, the readers are not just your local people, you are facing the universal community. How can you deal with the matter of bad publicity and reputation? You have to manage it or face a negative consequence.

You cannot always track down what people are saying about you or your brand, but it is crystal clear that monitoring it is super beneficial. We will show you how. Let’s see the top 10 reputation management tools.

1.   Google Alerts

Here is where you can find several valuable tools for SEO professionals and marketers. If you already are a marketer, you most likely have used this tool before either for monitoring your brand or creating content.

If not, you just enter, put down the company name, and you will wait to receive notifications.

2.    Social Mention

They monitor over 80 social media websites, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. They help you improve and monitor your brand’s reputation by giving you the following information:

·   Strength: the chance of your brand being discussed on media.

·   Sentiments: the ratio of positive mentions to negative mentions.

·   Passion: how likely it is that people keep talking about your brand.

·   Reach: the number of authors who mention your brand or write about it.

3.   Trackur

This website offers complete monitoring of influence scoring, keyword discovery, and social media. It actually offers social media monitoring as a service to clients.

4.   SentiOne

This one generally pays attention to what people are saying about your brand. The cool thing about SentiOne is that it also gives you the old data, i.e., what people have said about your brand before you start taking their help.

5.   Reputology

For multi-location businesses, this one could be the best. This platform acts as a review management and monitoring platform. Reputology converts negative reviews into tickets for customer service to ensure you handle them efficiently.

6.   Review Push

Another cool tool for multi-location businesses is Review Rush to monitor social media and popular review sites (e.g., Facebook, Yelp, Google, Yellowpages, Foursquare).

The best part is, you can respond to all the negative and positive reviews from your Review Rush inbox when you set up email alerts.

7.   Chatmeter

If there is a company that needs help collecting and analyzing customer feedback and improving the customer experience for multi-location brands and agencies, Chatmeter is the way to go.

You will get notified through email if there are any reviews on over 20 local search and review sites. You also get a notification when there is new content about your brand.

With Chatmeter, you have the ability to spy on your competitors and learn from whatever they are doing.

8.   Reputation Ranger

This one is an expert for the following 4 categories: restaurants and bars, hotels and travel, automotive sales and services, and plumbers and home contractors.

Reputation Ranger tracks the updates and news from Facebook and industry-related pages.

9.   Reputation Health

Let us tell you who can benefit from Reputation Health the most:

·   People who have a medical practice

·   People offering SEO or other online marketing services to medical practices

Offering reputation management and online review monitoring for physicians is what this tool is most known for. It tracks 23 medical practice-related review sites including DrScore, HealthGrades, UcompareHealthcare, and Vitals.

You will know what patients say about your practice by sending you email alerts.

10.   Meltwater

They started as a press clipping service for scanning news sources to get keywords relevant to customers. However, these days you see them more as a big media monitoring tool.

You will get real-time analytics alongside the largest global media database that they are offering. It gives you the certainty that you will know about the mentions in the news as well.


You can choose the option of searching manually for your brand’s name in search engines or in social media, but at best you can get 10 percent of the real mentions. Not to mention, you have to spend valuable hours doing so, and you know it is not just a one-day job!

Read through the above-mentioned reputation management tools and choose whichever serves you the best to save yourself both money and precious time.

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