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Read the 3-steps below, and just click on the sign-in button to join us.

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1. Register

Apply to join our cool community and be one of our members in a smooth straight forward process.

2. Try & Review

Once you’re in, you can choose where to review and drop your opinion and that is what we provide for you. All you have to do is to do your best in review writing.

3. Get Paid

You can earn for each review that you do. After writing a certain amount of reviews, you can cash out! Yes, that easy and without delay.

First, you need to sign in. Then go to setting, click on change your password, and proceed.
It depends on the review, but normally it’s something between 4-10 reviews.
At the moment, we do not have the referral option, but we are working on it and once it is done, you definitely will be rewarded by bringing a friend to us.
You are free to choose whatever category you want. If you choose one category, that doesn’t mean that you always have to write about that specific part.
We are developing an app for it, both for iOS and Android, for our members’ convenience.
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